It’s Work Out Wednesday!

By | May 9, 2012

I am fortunate to work with a global company that provides all kinds of information to help you and I with our health and wellness goals! Today is Work Out Wednesday!

As we launched the exciting new Symply Fit program (more info to come) It rocks by the way! We will be offering a full spectrum of information for you to discover optimal health, weight reduction and well being. There are 4 products that are the foundation of the program however there is so much more. The 4 products just in case are Genesis with X’Tranol 24, Ultra Vitality Caplets, Symply Magic and VS protien shakes!

I will be providing Personal Training Coaching via email to clients who order the Symply Fit each and every month!  And if you refer someone you will recieve an additional coaching session with me.  We will also be providing health, wellness,fitness email newsletter to those who commit to their Optimal health with Symply Fit.

Get started now with your Wednesday Work Out and go ahead and order your Symply Fit.  Achieve Optimal health, Weight Reduction and Well being starting today!

Health Tips

Crunch the Crunch

Thought crunches were THE exercise to all your abdominal dreams? Do yourself a favor and drop crunches, reverse crunches, situps, machine crunches and other spine-crushing movements all together. Not only do these movements weaken your spinal column, but they may also cause bad posture. There is a safer and superior approach to getting toned six pack abs.

According to Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach, Charles Poliquin, if an athlete isolates their abs with crunches they will not see any improvements in their ab strength after 6-8 weeks… “Some of these guys can claim all these poundages used in ab training, but it’s actually the psoas doing the work. If you truly isolate the abs, after six to eight weeks an athlete will plateau the rest of his life.” Meaning, ab isolation movements such as crunches aren’t what you thought they were!

The Two Main Functions of the Abdominal Muscles:

  • Rectus Abdominus - flexes the spinal column forward 30 degrees. Any additional movement beyond 30 degrees is caused by the muscles that flex your hips
  • Transversus Abdominus - stabilize the upper body and helps keep your posture

Almost all the daily things you do work the stabilizing muscles. When you run these muscles engage to keep your shoulders above your hips. Without these muscles your upper body would tip over. Same with doing an exercise like a standing shoulder press. Your abs are forced to work harder than usual to insure your body doesn’t fall forward or backward when you raise and lower the weight. This is a great indirect ab exercise!

How do you get six pack abs without crunches?

It is simple to maintain muscle density in any muscle by performing isometrics (flexing the muscle without any movement involved). The nice thing about isometrics is you will build muscle density without increasing the size of the muscle. This is exactly what your goal should be if you’re looking for amazing abs.

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So go ahead take advantage of Work Out Wednesday!  Achieve Optimal Health, Weight Reduction and Well being today!  Let’s get started now and for sure take advantage of Preferred Customer pricing.


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